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Sworn Admission–I Love To Read and Talk About Books

Written By: Kevin Fine

I have always been a little hesitant to admit in lawyer circles that most of my reading has nothing to do with the law.  Even when I was in law school, I read Hemingway and Dostoyevsky novels for some sanity (they seemed upbeat at the time).

I was recently at lunch with a couple other lawyers and let slip that I was reading a book from 1914 that is apparently a precursor to the superhero genre.  Rather than expressing professional ridicule for my not spending every spare minute working cases or refining lawyerly skills, they both pulled out their Kindles, and we spent the rest of the lunch talking about the random assortment of books we had read recently.  Judge me as you wish, but I thought it was very fun, and I wanted to create a way to have more such sharing moments.

This blog is my way of both remembering my own reading experiences, and sharing them with anyone else who might be interested.

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